General Data Protection Regulation – Coventry Constructivist Centre (CCC)
In order to communicate information about Personal Construct Psychology training, literature and events, CCC keep email addresses, and sometimes postal addresses and telephone numbers, of people who have previously expressed an interest in hearing about Personal Construct Psychology and /or the courses run by CCC. 

We do not share this information with other organisations or companies, and we do process and use this information in compliance with the law.The data are stored on cards in a file card box and kept securely in a filing cabinet, online in our password protected drive, and in an iPad (also password protected) which is used to send information.With the change in Data Protection Law on 25th May 2018, we are now asking you to confirm that you are happy for us to keep such information and to use it as described above, so that we can continue to comply with the law. We recognise that each of you has previously given us this information for this precise purpose, but in the past we have not discussed with you how the information is kept. 

In the event that you no longer want us to keep your contact information, the record we keep of your information will be destroyed.