Our staff

    Diane Allen  -  is a UKCP accredited Personal Construct Psychotherapist  and  HCPC registered counselling psychologist.  She is also an EMDR therapist.  Diane has worked within an NHS mental health setting and is experienced in offering therapy for a wide range of mental health problems.  She is also experienced in working with people who have anger as their primary problem and was involved in the anger group within the NHS for a number of years.  Diane has expertise in working with couples who have problems in their relationships.

    Heather Moran - is a HCPC registered clinical and educational psychologist. She offers one-off consultation sessions related to the application of PCP in work with children, young people, families and children's services and one-off teaching sessions and workshops. Heather has a website and a podcast, both called Drawing the Ideal Self. The website has free techniques for use in PCP assessment, interventions and therapy. The podcast includes presentations about PCP concepts and papers, and interviews with PCP practitioners.

    Sally Robbins - is an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with full practitioner registration with the Division of Neuropsychology of the British Psychological Society and many years of experience in Personal Construct Psychology. Having retired from the NHS in 2014, she now specialises in teaching and supervision, and she also has a small private practice. She is particularly experienced in offering therapy to older people. Sally has a special interest in working with people with dementia and their carers.

    Grant Weselby – is an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist with 30 years NHS experience working with people experiencing a wide range psychological distress. Currently he works as a private psychological therapist offering therapeutic sessions in both outdoor settings and online. He holds a diploma in Personal Construct Psychotherapy and Counselling and has 25 years’ experience of applying Personal Construct Psychology in his clinical practice.