We can offer interventions at five different levels, One off consultations, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Couple therapy, Organisational change


    At times of change or stress, or when they are feeling ‘stuck’ in some way, people may value a one off facilitated and focused conversation to explore their situation, clarify the issues, and find the first steps of a plan. We are happy to provide one off consultations at an individual, couple or organisational level.



    Coaching is a form of personal and professional development with the aim of helping people find ways to progress creatively in their lives and work. The focus is on exploring possibilities, building on strengths, developing potential and experimenting with alternatives. In the context of work, coaching offers an invaluable space to reflect on the current situation, assess needs and interests, and refocus goals and ambitions.

    Coaching programmes are designed to suit individuals and would usually involve series of either 3 or 6 sessions.



    Psychotherapy should “make one feel that he or she has come alive” (Kelly)

    In Personal Construct Psychology a psychological problem is understood as "Any personal construction which is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation."

    An example would be someone who is constantly unhappy no matter how often people say good things about her. Her personal construction “I am no good” is used repeatedly in spite of people telling her they value her (thus invalidating her idea of being “no good”)

    So the aim of therapy is to look at the persons construing system and to understand where it is not working properly. By getting your construing system to work you can properly live.

    Psychotherapy involves getting the person to reconstrue, to see things in a different way, from a new perspective, one that allows the choices that lead to elaboration. This will be done both in therapy sessions and by using a variety of techniques outside the therapy session. Common techniques used include self characterisation, Community of self work and occasionally some form of grid.

    At its best Psychotherapy is “an enlivening and awaking kind of experience; a life giving inspiriting enterprise” (Epting)

    We can provide Constructivist therapy across the entire age range. Our main therapeutic base is in Coventry.

    For Children and Adolescents contact:
    For Adults contact
    For Older adults contact


    Diane and Peter provide an integrated set of consultations to couples. This involves three stages

    1. We meet as a foursome for a 90 minute consultation
    2. Both partners meet with either Diane or Peter individually for an hour
    3. We meet as a foursome for a 90 minute consultation

    For some couples this is sufficient. Others choose to repeat the cycle after some time has elapsed



    PCP is a creative and forward-looking approach increasingly applied in education, training, management & leadership. Its theory and practices offer us a variety of alternative ways to understand the process of change, enhancing our capacity to work together effectively at the level of individuals, teams, partnerships and organisations.
    We offer a range of consulting interventions and development programmes tailored to clients’ specific needs and interests. PCP is particularly applicable to change leadership; supporting people through transitions; working with resistances to change; managing difficult conversations; decision-making and influencing skills; managing diversity in practice; and facilitation of groups and partnerships.